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About Us

Bullet24 by M. Grassi has been active since 2002 in the field of Hunting, Shooting, Optics and related Accessories.

Initially as the official importer in Switzerland of some well-known American manufacturers, we took over a historic and important Armory in Canton Ticino in 2005 and for 15 years we have been a leader in the direct sales sector for Hunting and Long Range Shooting, the latter sector in which we can boast of being among the first to propose it in the Confederation.

To date, with an important history and specialized international collaborations, we have the ability to offer a wide selection of highly selected Products in our E-Commerce dedicated to anyone who wants to increase their passion, with quality accessories.

Bullet24 is a leader in the exclusive and customized supply of Accessories and Equipment specific to your needs, even hard-to-find ones. In addition to selling unique products, we know and actively use what we sell.

  • Active in Switzerland as importers since 2002
  • We import and sell high quality accessories
  • Wide selection of Hunting and Shooting Accessories
  • The best Optics and Optics Mounts
  • Ammunition Reloading Equipment