Atlasworxs – Tikka T3/T3X Dress UP Kit – Cerekoted Stainless

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This Bolt Handle and Shroud Kit will fit all Tikka T3/T3X models either Left or Right Hand.
Atlasworxs bolt handles are design to optimise function , feel and looks.
The Bolt Handles are slightly longer and larger than the OEM handle, this allows for better ergonomics, you will feel the difference right away!
The stainless steel bolt has a 5/16-24 thread on which the knob screws onto, this allows for swapping between our different bolt knobs if you fancy a change.
The kit also includes a Cerekoted Stainless Shroud, designed to replace the factory plastic shroud which will crack and go brittle overtime.

Made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Cerekoted Black Finish
Great Ergonomics
Easy to use when wearing Gloves
Get the Tactical look
Weight 166 Grams
Easy to fit
Whilst looking great the handle offers great ergonomics and a better all around feel, even with gloves on. All of our knobs taper down to match the stainless steel bolt knob, giving it a continuous streamline look.

Please note: All of our parts are Precision Machined to a close tolerance, however we have had instances where our Knob Bolt is a tight fit, this is due to original factory parts having a wider range tolerance expected from mass production.
Due to this some slight fitting may be required, however most people have no fitting issues.

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