INFIRAY OUTDOOR Thermal Imaging binocular GEMINI GEH50

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The Gemini Binoculars are a highly effective and innovative observation device. We incorporate many advanced features such as dual-spectrum technology into its classic compact binocular structure. It delivers a comfortable observation experience in complex hunting environments. The Gemini binoculars break the mold of night vision devices by providing a classic binocular design allowing for a comfortable observation experience. The focus rings are located close to the thumb for easy adjustment without having to shift focus from down range. The anti-slip grip ensures stable operation, reducing fatigue from long-term use. Thanks to the InfiRay 640, 12μm, NETD≤25mk, 50Hz infrared chip, the Gemini Binoculars allow for target identification up to 2,600m. The Gemini Binoculars are also equipped with a 1200m LRF (laser Range Finder) to help users accurately judge the distance to their target. Built with a thermal and night-vision sensor, the Gemini Binoculars clearly identify objects in both day and night conditions. Using the InfiRay intelligent image processing algorithm the highlighting and edging modes are the first on the market. The Gemini Binoculars give hunters clear images ensuring bad weather conditions never ruin another hunting trip. The Gemini Binoculars are configured with two rechargeable standard 18650 Lithium ion batteries providing up to 6 hours of usage. The Gemini Binoculars come standard with features such as multiple color palettes, PIP mode, audio & video recording, video play-back, and Wi-Fi connection through the InfiRay Outdoor App.
Packed full of features with seamless performance the Gemini Binoculars are the best choice for hunting and field observation.

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