INFIRAY OUTDOOR Thermal Imaging Riflescope TUBE TL35V2

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The TL35V2 adds new functions such as an expandable Laser Ranging Function to provide distance measurement, the upgraded OLED display and the built-in Mic to record sound. Bluetooth LRF Optional: TL35V2 comes with an option of an expandable Laser Ranging Finder Function. TL35V2 is able to provide the distance measurement on the screen when the LRF is connected to the device through Bluetooth, earning you more chances to win in every shooting. Stadiametric Rangefinding. 1024X768 AMOLED Display. Built-in microphone: TL35V2 is equipped with a MIC function, therefore customers can record the voice too when recording. 12 µm Pixel Pitch. Ultra-clear Mode. Extreme Detection Range. Sufficient Operation Time and Flexible Battery Choice.

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