INFIRAY OUTDOOR Thermal Imaging Riflescope+Clip On Hybrid HYH50W

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InfiRay Hybrid offers the versatility to hunt using either a thermal riflescope or clip-on. Hybrid is equipped with optional external LRF and ballistic calculation to make accuracy up to ±1MOA. It adopts a 2K level 2560×1920 full-color OLED display, which provides excellent display performance while its eyepieces are designed with user comfort and safety in mind. Hybrid aims to bring you a hunt like never before. Hybrid supports both Riflescope and Clip-on Mode. The two modes can be switched in seconds without changing the eyepiece. Apply a 2K level display to the outdoor hunting field, high resolution 2560×1920 silicon-based OLED display, high contrast and low power consumption. Able to bring users an ultra-clear and comfortable visual experience. The larger eyebox makes it easy to see clear images in dynamic situations. The 60 mm long eye relief design avoids eye injury caused by the recoil of shooting. Hybrid supports external laser range finder to generate accurate aiming points through automatic ballistic calculation of rangefinding results. The accuracy of Hybrid can reach ±1MOA. Hybrid can realize smaller per scale to 1.2cm @100m when zeroing. In addition, considering the personal habits of different users, Hybrid is equipped with 7 reticle patterns to meet the aiming needs to the greatest extent. The whole machine is waterproof (IP67) and dustproof, which can be used in harsh conditions.

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