Pulsar Telos XP50

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Future ready. Upgradeable performance

Telos is the first line in thermal imaging devices on the market with the option of a technical upgrade at the client’s request. Become a Telos owner and gain the opportunity to improve it flexibly and gainfully for years to come.

– Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor with NETD <18mK ensures stunning thermal image quality and perfect detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions, when thermal contrast is low
– Advanced Pulsar Image boost technology
– Objective ring zoom control
– designed for use in the tough outdoors using and in the temperature range of -25 to +40 °C.
– The device is waterproof when fully immersed in water
– Replaceable battery pack with direct plug & wireless fast charge options
– Ergonomic, nonslip rubber-coated housing
– Adaptable for left- and right-handed use
– Ergonomic and functional carrying case
– Customizable user interface
– 1800 m detection range
– Fast aperture F50/1.0 germanium lens
– Built-in video recorder with 64GB internal memory
– Stream Vision 2. Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices
– High-contrast AMOLED display
– Dual Wi-Fi waveband support 2.4 / 5 GHz
– IPX7 submersion waterproof rated
– A selection of 8 color palettes
– Operation in extreme temperatures -25 to +40°C

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